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Here you’ll find our standard prices. If you want a custom made package, please contact me.

I offer the following services to you


1. 20% discount on your ‘Branding’ package to get the most out of your brand & new website

2. Change something on your website for free, not once, but twice


Coming up with the logo for Coolest Kid On The Blog wasn’t easy, but I did it. It needed to be minimal, cool and fun.

I also did all the branding. We chose bright yellow as the complementary color to brighten up the minimal look and feel of the website.  Included in the branding was a Pinterest layout which can be used over and over again.

We didn’t want the homepage to be a boring blog page you see everywhere. So instead we choose for colorful pictures, the ten latest blogposts, a little about me section and the Shop Our Favorites (WooCommerce section)

Last but not least, we created a Mediakit so brands know who they are working with. This is a pre made layout that can be changed when necessary.

The MOM Academy is a start up for moms who want to stop living like a hot mess, and start learning new life skills. 

The logo and branding should attract moms from the ages of 20-35 years old. Learning should be fun, so I choose bright and happy, vibrant colors to compliment the ‘why’ behind this online academy.

I have build the whole online academy back-end with LearnDash. With having your own course platform you keep things in your own influence. No need to pay fees to third parties and nobody that can exclude you from the work you’ve made.





'We started working with CKOTB in November '18, because we thought her blog was the perfect platform, to broaden our brandname. The collaboration in this period was very good and this is why we will gladly keep working together with CKOTB. This is why we would recommend CKOTB for a sponsored post or other collaborations.

Steffen Zuidema –

We are very happy with our collab with the The Family Company. After our first collaboration they offered us to work with them again. After brainstorming some ideas, we quickly got to form our new project. Communication was very quiack, and the project was finished in time. But most importantly, the result was awesome and totally what we wanted. Thanks!

Marcel van Spil –

It was great working together with CKOTB. All of our contact went smoothly and quick. We got to our partnership very quickly. Astrid was quick with her creative ideas for the content she wanted to create. The result was of great quality.

Eline Preesman – PIB HOME

We came upon The Family Company's website and asked for a custom package. The process was very easy. Astrid was approachable and always there to fix small little details. We are looking back at a wonderful and flexibel collaboration. I would recommend other companies to The Family Company for sure!

Melle Reuvecamp – Online Marketeer

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